Journées de la culture


What are the Journées de la culture?

Three days of free activities open to everyone that are intended to promote greater access to arts and culture. The activities are interactive and must allow participants to explore the creative process and the skills and know-how involved in artistic and cultural pursuits.

When are the Journées de la culture?

As proclaimed by the National Assembly, the Journées de la culture take place every year on the last Friday of September and the two days thereafter.

Who are the people putting on the Journées de la culture?

Professional artists, artisans and cultural workers, business people, teachers, community workers, and municipal and government employees of all ethnicities. Be part of the action! Organize one or more activities in your community to highlight arts and culture.

For whom are the Journées de la culture intended?

Everybody! People of all ages and life styles, from all walks of life and from every region: everyone is invited to participate in the Journées de la culture.

Are all activities free?

Yes. Arts and culture belong to everyone. During the Journées de la culture, everyone must be able to take advantage of the activities. So we encourage organizers to fairly compensate all professional artists involved in their activities.

Who is organizing the Journées de la culture?

Culture pour tous, an independent, not-for-profit organization whose mission is to further the democratization of arts and culture in Quebec.

How do you become an organizer?

It’s quite simple! Just follow this link. 

Do you have a question?

Contact us!