Journées de la culture

General Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy

These Terms and Conditions apply to everyone participating in the Journées de la culture and explain how information gathered during the event is to be used. By continuing to use this website after posting changes or participating in the Journées de la culture, you will be deemed to have agreed to this agreement.

Respect for privacy

During the Journées de la culture, personal information provided voluntarily by individuals, for example, when organizers register their activities or members of the public subscribe to the newsletters, will be collected. Journées de la culture staff use the Cyberimpact bulk email system to manage the emails sent out, and Google Analytics to consult and analyze data on visits to their website.

The term “personal information” does not include activity contact information taken from the descriptions provided by the organizers.

The personal information provided to Journées de la culture staff will never be sold. It will be used by Journées de la culture staff and suppliers, and may be made available to collaborators, such as employees and volunteers, host organizations, partners or other parties to facilitate management and development of the event.

In the event of any conflict between these General Terms and Conditions and more specific regulations and procedures posted elsewhere on this website, the latter will take precedence. These General Terms and Conditions and the interpretation thereof are subject to the laws of Canada. All disputes are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Canada.

The Journées de la culture organization reserves the right to amend these General Terms and Conditions at any time by posting the changes online on its website.


The Journées de la culture organization and its partners do not accept any legal liability in the event of harm, loss or damages that the public, organizers, volunteers or any other person or any other group may sustain through use of this website, or relative to any activity scheduled or activity information disseminated for the purposes of the event.

Activity organizers, site or festival operators, promoters, tourism services, municipalities and any other coordinator or manager may, if they wish and cover the cost, request professional advice concerning the acquisition of civil liability insurance to cover their event or activity.

Activity registration

There are no fees for registering an activity as part of the Journées de la culture program. All activities must be offered to the public at no charge during the designated period and must promote interaction and participation with the artists.

By registering for one or more activities for the Journées de la culture, you undertake to:

  • Provide a description of your activities and to update it, if necessary, to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the information posted online;
  • Use the Journées de la culture logo in your promotion and marketing activities and to comply with the graphic design standards (you can download the logo and the graphic design standards from the website). We also encourage you to use the Journées de la culture posters and promotional material to promote your activities;
  • After the event, complete the survey concerning your participation (number of persons who took part in your activity, comments about the event, etc.).

Website use procedures

As a user of the website, you understand and agree as follows:

  • You agree to use this website solely for legitimate purposes and in such a way as to not infringe upon anyone’s rights or to limit or to hamper anyone’s use and enjoyment of the website.
  • Information posted on the website may be copied, reproduced, re-published, downloaded, displayed or disseminated in order to help promote the Journées de la culture and create a ripple effect, provided the source (Journées de la culture) is mentioned. If possible, we ask that you refer your visitors by hyperlink to the Journées de la culture website. In all other cases and for any other use, you must obtain prior written permission from Journées de la culture.
  • You are responsible for your own actions and for submitting your authorization requests, particularly to obtain rights to use or submit material subject to copyright and intellectual property laws, including the use or publication of visual documents on this website.
  • Any communication and any material that you send or post in a public section of the website (particularly data, questions, comments, suggestions or other) will be treated as non-confidential information that is not subject to ownership rights.
  • Content provided by the public will be posted as is. We are not responsible for material provided by users, including comments, tweets and activity lists.
  • We will do our best to remove any racist, pornographic, defamatory or illegal content that may slip onto the website. However, if you find such content, contact Journées de la culture staff immediately. We will take necessary measures.
  • The Journées de la culture organization does not guarantee that the functionalities on its website will be error-free and that they will not be interrupted. In addition, the Journées de la culture organization does not guarantee that its website or the server hosting its website is free of viruses and bugs, or that it can take all of the functionalities, accuracy and reliability of provided material into account.
  • The Journées de la culture organization is not liable for the content of external websites. The fact that the Journées de la culture website includes hyperlinks to other websites does not mean that it exercises control over them or that it approves or endorses the website or websites concerned or their content.