Journées de la culture

About the Journées de la culture

The Journées de la culture

Initiated and coordinated by Culture pour tous, the Journées de la culture are free activities open to everyone that promote greater access for the public to arts and culture. As proclaimed by the National Assembly, the event takes place every year across Quebec on the last Friday of September and the two days thereafter.

The programming takes its source in cultural mediation and offers to discover and celebrate culture trough all its forms. There will be thousands of activities organized by professional artists, artisans and cultural workers, business people, teachers, community workers, and municipal and government employees of all ethnicities.

To become an organizer, all you have to do is design and take charge of the delivery of one or more activities. This participation is voluntary.

Recognizing the important and essential work of professional artists, we encourage organizers who use their services to compensate them fairly and equitably.

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