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Municipal community partners: Join the movement!

Municipal Partners: Join the province-wide movement to have municipalities designate three days of each year to the Journées de la culture!

Culture pour tous is proud to join with the Les Arts et la Ville network in order to invite municipalities to participate in its flagship event and adopt the National Assembly’s resolution officially proclaiming the Journées de la culture held on the last Friday in September and on the following two days.*

Below you will find a resolution template in which the statement acknowledges culture to be an identity and quality of life factor, while reaffirming the importance of culture democratization values that serve as a guide for the activities of municipalities.

By adopting this resolution, your municipality attests to its willingness to participate in this great national cultural democratization event, namely, the Journées de la culture. The municipal council is also making a symbolic gesture by clearly and publicly stating that it attaches great importance to the cultural identity of its community.

Culture is a tremendous asset for better living in the municipality. Many elected officials have already made the commitment to make culture a major development focus for their community. Over the years, these municipal players have exercised constructive leadership and promoted alliances between organizations and individuals involved in cultural development in order to reap the many positive benefits, which consolidate the reputation, vitality and solidarity of their community.

Culture pour tous and Les Arts et la Ville are working together to extend the outreach of this municipal declaration movement proclaiming the Journées de la culture. This is a wonderful opportunity for Quebec municipalities to highlight their dynamic cultural commitment.

Consult the list of municipalities whose elected officials have signed this declaration.

Join the movement!

How to participate?

1. First download the resolution template:


2. Submit the resolution to your municipal council or to the board of directors of your regional county municipality (MRC).

3 – Return a copy of the resolution adopted by your municipality or MRC in electronic format by e-mail.

For additional information, feel free to contact us:

Culture pour tous

1 866 734-4441

Les Arts et la Ville

418 691-7480

*Note: Adoption of the resolution is not bound by any financial commitment.