Annual theme

1,001 Cultural Occupations

In 2020, the Journées de la culture will celebrate the countless occupations and professions where thousands of workers, artists and artisans work either in the shadows or in the spotlight and are passionate about what they do.

Designers, editors and hat makers, framers, painters and sculptors, architects, scenic artists, set designers, costume makers, narrators, librarians, lighting technicians, mediators, archivists, mimes, ballerinas, animators, jewellers, blacksmiths, puppeteers, riggers, boom operators, illustrators, journalists, circus performers, art critics, stage directors, humorists, orchestra conductors, choristers, biographers, historians, graphic designers, stunt riders, artistic directors, casting directors, columnists, lace weavers and cartoonists, and many more. The focus is on all of those people who bring arts and culture into our lives across Quebec!

It’s not a mandatory theme, but rather a common thread throughout the programming that you can decide whether or not to use as inspiration!

Registration will be in the spring.

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