Annual theme

Developing relationships, building bridges

In 2019, the theme of the Journées de la culture will be Encounters, in all shapes and forms.

Because arts and culture create meaning and promote dialogue, this theme opens the way to bringing together artists and organizations, the blending of disciplines, exchanges between cultures, the intermixing of forms, inter-municipal or inter-generational partnering, and improbable duos.

“Encounters” is about the painter and the model,
the tree and the bark, the needle and the thread,
the yin and the yang, the black and the white,
the ink and the pen, and jazz and java.

But why not have encounters between the needle and the yang?
Or between the painter and the bark, the tree and the pen,
the yin and the white, the black and the java,
or the jazz and the model?

By breaking with the predictable, encounters become an unforgettable experience!

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