Annual theme

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Travelling in time

In 2021, the Journées de la culture is celebrating the 25-year mark! It’s an anniversary that encourages us to travel in time.

Throughout history, culture has given people meaning, identity and a sense of their roots: it embodies a way of living in time.

Whether it’s yesterday, today or tomorrow, it’s through culture that we travel!

As a vector of social cohesion, a catalyst for creating a rich heritage and a structuring element for the places where we live, culture enables us to conduct ourselves with sustainability in mind and create quality of life for people, while thinking ahead to the dreams of future generations.

Dear organizers: Let this theme inspire you!

Celebrate the path we’ve travelled;
explore the present;
imagine the future!

Go back through your history; talk about people you’ve met and what you’ve learned and discovered. Take a close look at your current practices and explore all the options open to you. Look ahead to the future and imagine what tomorrow’s world will be like and how you will be part of it.

Be anachronistic, lively, undisciplined . . . Remain in control of your time and make this event an escapade without borders, a captivating journey, with no mandatory quarantine!

The theme is not mandatory; it serves as the thread connecting you to the programming. Feel free to use it as your inspiration.

Registration opens on Tuesday, June 1. Starting on that date, you can propose one or more activities directly in My Organizer Space.


The activities below have been discontinued.
Come back in September 2021 to learn about the programming for the 25th edition of the Journées de la culture!

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