Journées de la culture


The 2019 ambassadors will be revealed soon. Stay tuned!

Through their words and word play

Comedian Émilie Bibeau and humorist Laurent Paquin have enthusiastically agreed to lend their voices to the 22nd edition of the Journées de la culture and its Words theme.

With its way with words and word play, this passionate, close-knit team embodies perfectly the annual theme. Together, they invite you to celebrate arts and culture in all of their varied forms!

Émilie Bibeau

Soon after graduating from the Conservatoire d’art dramatique de Montréal, Émilie Bibeau was offered a number of roles in theatre. In particular, she had parts in Aphrodite, Gertrude (Le cri), Scaramouche, Toc, Albertine, en cinq temps and Le Vrai Monde?. In 2018, she was given parts in Impromptu and Edmond. Television viewers enjoyed her talented performance in various TV series such as Toute la vérité, Unité 9, L’imposteur and Olivier, to name but a few. Émilie has also played a few characters in films, including in Monica la mitraille and Ça sent la coupe.

A lover of words, she is a regular participant in the Plus on est de fous, plus on lit! show on Radio-Canada. Recently, she adapted some of her Chroniques d’un cœur vintage for stage productions.

“Culture gives me an enhanced and sharper perception of reality. It helps me to live better, to make the world a more beautiful place, and to better understand and love the world.”

Laurent Paquin

In 2001, Laurent Paquin performed his first one-man show. He quickly carved out an enviable place for himself in the world of humour. He also developed his talents as a comedian and singer, and landed roles in theatre (L’Emmerdeur, Chicago, Demain matin and Montréal m’attend) and television (Histoires de filles, Caméra Café and ByeBye 2013).

Laurent is a popular moderator on radio, and saw one of his dreams come true in 2012 when he released his first album: Laurent Paquin chante Laurent Paquin. In 2017, working with illustrator Eric Godin, he produced Le petit Laurent illustré, published by Les Éditions La Presse. He is currently performing his fourth one-man show, Déplaire, in various venues across Quebec. The tour began in the fall of 2016 and more dates are scheduled up until June 2019!

“There’s an old saying that ‘culture is like jam: the less you have of it, the farther you spread it.’ Well, I would change the wording of that slightly to “culture is like jam: there is never too much of it!’”