Particules : Correspondances inattendues

Live on Twitter

On Saturday, September 29, from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm, a large-scale interactive correspondence will take place live on Twitter. Wherever you are, alone or with a group of people, take part in the conversation! Professional authors will be on hand in cultural venues in all of Quebec’s regions to participate in this one-of-a kind writing activity. They will accompany you as you compose tweets, and tell you about their literary approach.

All of the literary creations posted on Twitter will be used in a visible interactive animation display on the site.

We hope to see a large number of participants, including would-be and accomplished writers and the simply curious!

You wish to take part in the conversation from home? Consult the Participant Guide (available in French only).


Particules – correspondances inattendues is an activity in the Bell Digital Component of the Journées de la culture, a Quebec Digital Culture Plan measure initiated by the ministère de la Culture et des Communications.

A production of Culture pour tous and of Littérature québécoise mobile, in collaboration with the Fonds de solidarité FTQ, Mouvement Art Mobile, 04h11 and the Union des écrivaines et des écrivains québécois.

Please note that this activity is held in French only.

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