Together, let’s poeticize public spaces!

MAPP_TA VILLE invites people of all ages to take over public spaces through digital creativity.

As part of the 25th edition of the Journées de la culture, animated video mapping workshops facilitated by an artist/cultural mediator will be held in 15 Quebec cities. The works created by participants will then be presented during an evening screening event.
Festive, entertaining and bringing people together, MAPP_TA VILLE is an opportunity for people to gather in groups and reconnect with their community’s public areas in complete safety!

What is video mapping?

This multimedia technology is used to project video images onto three-dimensional forms, such as monuments, buildings or large objects.
As part of the activity, we will use video mapping to bring to life drawings created with the Tagtool app. The drawings will be animated and projected in various city locations.

Photo credit: Yasuko Tadokoro (MAPP_MTL)

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