A turnkey activity for high schools

From now on, the kick-offs for the Journées de la culture will be held in schools. As soon as schools are back in session, high school teachers will be invited to raise their students’ awareness of the importance and diversity of the heritage around them.

On Friday, September 29, thousands of young people will be invited to share what they most cherish in words and in photos on social networks. All of these creations will be posted on the Journées de la culture website to be viewed, read and shared across Quebec!

Heritage can be the statue of a famous person in history, a quilt stitched by your great grandmother, a covered bridge, tombstones in a cemetery, an old building, a traditional recipe, or the family sugar shack . . . In this project, the concept of heritage has no limits: It’s up to participating young people to embrace their heritage!

J'aime #MonPatrimoine (I like my Heritage) in five steps :
  1. In the classroom: discussion about the concept of heritage;
  2. Young people choose a piece of their heritage that is dear to them: a place, a building, an object, a work of art, a landscape, a famous person, or a traditional activity;
  3. Participants take a photo of the piece of heritage they choose;
  4. They write a short description in 140 characters or less, including the hashtag #MonPatrimoine;
  5. On Friday, September 29, the photos and written descriptions will be posted on the class’s Twitter or Instagram account* along with the hashtag.
Each teacher registered for the activity will receive a full instructional kit containing teaching material on the heritage concept, *instructions for creating Twitter and Instagram accounts for the class, and possible activities in preparation for the multi-mode creative activity.

Artists are invited to get in on the action!
Biz, Simon Boulerice, India Desjardins, Klô Pelgag, Bryan Perro and Valérie Roberts will participate in this major people-mobilizing project and share their own compositions on social media. Be the first to discover their compositions in the instructional kit, which has everything you need to provide inspiration for your students and encourage discussions in class!

J'aime #MonPatrimoine – The book
Keep a record of your participation in the project by creating a digital book containing your students’ creations and posting it on the Hugo platform; it’s free and easy to do. The book template and tutorial explaining how to create it step by step are included in the instructional kit.

I like #MonHeritage is made possible in collaboration with Action heritage, L’École branchée, Le RÉCIT and Hugo.

ADVISORY: Organizers are solely responsible for the proper functioning of their activities. Under no circumstances can the Journées de la culture organization be held responsible for a schedule change or a change in the way activities are conducted.