The Journées de la culture have passed the 20 year mark!

For the past 20 years, in late September, people have been experiencing and celebrating arts and culture across Quebec during the Journées de la culture. This year, the theme of the celebration and the highlighted artistic discipline will be music. 
Organize one or more activities and be part of a multi varied program of more than 3,000 free, interactive activities, in every artistic field, that will be put on during the Journées de la culture weekend, the theme of which will be All the culture you could wish for.
Details of the promotional campaign will be released in June, but the mood and the ambience will definitely be celebratory. So feel free to give your activities a party feeling. Get together with other organizers and develop the Music theme or add a touch of digital to your program. 
Be light-hearted in your preparations. When you’re celebrating a 20th birthday, you can do anything you want! 

New activities 20th edition

With municipal governments and the general public taking part, the 20 CULTURAL TREASURES project will celebrate the cultural heritage of Quebec’s towns and villages. 

On Friday September 30th, all young people in Quebec will be invited to get together to sing the song specially composed for them by Koriass, a talented and very popular young rapper. The A SPECIAL SONG FOR YOUR SCHOOL activity will be an opportunity for students to be playful and festive as they begin the new school year. 
Wherever you are in Quebec’s communities and regions, we invite you to celebrate the richness and diversity of culture with us!


Appel de participation 2016

Les Journées ont 20 ans ! Serez-vous de la fête ?
Ça y est, vous pouvez dès à présent inscrire les activités que vous souhaitez organiser dans le cadre des 20es Journées de la culture. 

14 March 2016


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