Our ambassadors

Photos: Monic Richard, Eli Bissonnette and Jeanne Joly, Frédérique Ménard-Aubin, Julie Artacho and Geneviève Trudel. 

Coming from a range of backgrounds, but having a similar love for culture, six dedicated artists have agreed to take on the role of ambassadors for the Journées de la culture. 
Christian Bégin

“Culture lifts us out of barbarism, brings out the Other in our lives, encourages us to develop our full potential, and is sometimes, if not frequently and unbeknownst to us, at the heart of who we are individually and as a group. It is the foundation on which to build everything that is good within ourselves. Culture is nothing less than our salvation . . .”

Since 1986, Christian Bégin, a multi-talented artist, has been practising his craft in theatre, television and cinema. He is outstanding for his great versatility as an actor, author, talk show host and comedian.

He has played many famous people who are prominent in Quebec culture, particularly in his performances in Tabou, Mirador or Trauma on television and in Nez rouge, Ma fille mon ange and L’âge des ténèbres au cinéma. More recently, he was acclaimed by critics for his outstanding role in Robert Morin’s feature film Le problème d’infiltration. He is also recognized for his talent in theatre, particularly in the plays Pourquoi tu pleures…? and Le prénom.

For more than 10 years, Christian has also excelled as a talk show host in Curieux Bégin and Y’a du monde à messe.

Boulay sisters

“Culture is like a big suitcase, and inside there are the best pieces of our poetic, philosophic and emotional identity. It’s our collective memory and what we do with it using our imagination. Culture is the purest, most beautiful reflection of ourselves.”

For over four years, the Boulay sisters have been performing not only in Quebec, but also in the rest of Canada and Europe (France and Switzerland). Their most recent album, with more than 30,000 copies sold, has propelled them to more than 250 performances in concert halls and festivals. Warmly received by the public and critics, 4488 de l’Amour was proclaimed folk album of the year at the 2016 ADISQ gala awards event.

Gardy Fury

“As plants are to agriculture, so are people to their culture . . .”

A singer, composer, author and actor, Gardy Fury is an eclectic artist who, since a very young age, has had a passion for music and performing on stage. Over the years, he has landed and enthusiastically performed principal roles in a number of comedies and musical revues (Notre-Dame de Paris, Hairspray, Grease, etc.). He has performed in films and television shows including Ego Trip, District 31 and Trauma V. He has been involved in collaborative projects as a composer, arranger or singer, and in 2012, released a solo album entitled La Nuit, le Jour…


Émilie Monnet

The daughter of an Anishnaabe mother and a French father, Émilie lives in Montreal. Her art form combining theatre, performance and media arts focuses on identity, memory, history and transformation. In 2016, she founded the Indigenous Contemporary Scene (ICS), a platform for the dissemination of performing arts and installations by Indigenous artists. Émilie’s involvement in the arts draws inspiration from many years of activism with Indigenous organizations in Canada and Latin America and from her participation in artistic projects with women offenders and Indigenous young people.

Bryan Perro

“Sport made me a healthy adult, but culture made me a man!”
Bryan Perro has training as an actor and theatre teacher, and while studying for a Master’s degree, did research on the werewolf in Quebec’s oral tradition. He is internationally recognized for his youth series Amos Daragon. As an actor, stage director, story-teller, and general and artistic manager of Culture Shawinigan, Bryan Perro is a trapper who hunts for invisible creatures and devotes himself body and soul to his artistic creations.