Create your activity for 2016

Photo: Ville de Joliette

The 20th edition of the Journées de la culture will be held on Friday, September 30th, Saturday, October 1st, and Sunday, October 2nd, 2016, and music is the theme.

Who can create an activity?

Artists, craftspeople, cultural workers, municipal government employees, teachers, school principals or employees in private-sector firms are all invited to create an activity.

Highlight the artistic and cultural life of your region by proposing interactive activities in which participants discover and develop an appreciation for arts and culture during the Journées de la culture.

Eligibility criteria

For an activity to be included in the Journées de la culture program, it must meet the following criteria:

Each activity must be specially designed for the Journées de la culture

Admission to the activity is free;

The activity must be interactive and encourage experimentation;

The activity must be innovative, original and boldly creative and involve artists, craftspeople or professional cultural workers.

The Journées de la culture organization recognizes the important and essential work carried out by professional artists and believes they should be given fair compensation for their efforts.

To help you with your preparations, consult the Organizer's Guide.
To help you promote your activity,consult the Autopromotion Guide.