Journées de la Culture
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About us

Les Journées de la culture, three days of interactive activities, discovery and appreciation of arts and culture, offered free to the public throughout Quebec.

Since 1997, les Journées de la culture have been held on the last Friday of September and on the two following days, as decreed by the National Assembly of Québec.

A vast culture happening in large cities and small towns, les Journées de la culture aim to raise awareness about the importance and the need for greater access to arts and culture for all citizens in over 300 Québec communities in Québec.

Les Journées are carried out voluntarily by artists, workers and cultural organizations, who, during the three days of the event, offer free activities so citizens can explore the hidden side of art and culture. Our rich and welcoming demonstrations, hands-on workshops, conferences and guided tours build simple and warm relationships between artists, cultural workers and their fellow citizens.

Every year since the earliest Journées de la culture, Bos Advertizing, one of our very first partners, has designed original campaigns.

Les Journées de la culture are coordinated by Culture pour tous, an independent non-profit organization whose mission is to contribute to the democratization of culture in Québec. A recognized leader in cultural mediation and democratization, Culture pour tous develops and produces other projects and initiatives that foster access to creative actions and cultural participation, including the Carnet de la culture, a tool for school groups, Passeurs de rêves, a national cultural mentoring program which aims to support student retention, Art at work and Culture in Business, a program of collective creation in a work environment, Je m'affiche pour la culture!, a grass-roots movement where each person presents most beautiful cultural profile, and a gateway to Cultural Mediation that showcases artistic practices and their interactions with the other spheres of society.

To carry out its mission, Culture pour tous receives support from the Government of Québec through the ministère de la Culture et des Communications and Hydro-Québec, and from various partners including Sun Life Financial and La Coop fédérée, which sponsor les Journées de la culture.

THE Journées de la culture in numbers

During the 17th edition, there were more than 3,000 free activities offered by 3,268 artists, craftsmen, organizations and cultural workers, collaborators and volunteers.

In 2013, some 232,000 citizens took part in the activities of les Journées de la culture in 356 municipalities of 17 regions of Quebec.

Since 2007, municipalities are invited to join the national movement of municipal declaration. To date, 536 municipalities have adopted the resolution proclaiming Journées de la culture the last Friday of September and the next two days.


Long considered to be the most important movement for the democratization of culture in North America, the concept of les Journées de la culture was used as inspiration and today extends throughout Canada under the name the Culture Days which will hold its 5th edition with the same dates as les Journées de la culture